Annie Bramley

Annie Bramley is the protagonist in It's Pony. Annie is a 9-year-old farmer girl who is the owner and the best friend of Pony.


Annie loves going on fun adventures with Pony, but is the calmer and rational one between the two, and can sometimes get weirded out by Pony's antics. Annie is a supportive friend to Pony, helping him to get over his plant fear (botanophobia) in "Plants!." She and Pony go on multiple adventures and have been banned from entering multiple establishments around their town due to their behavior.



Annie is a young, 9-year-old girl of medium height. She has fairly pale skin, visible freckles and fluffy red hair which is kept in a ponytail.


Her usual outfit is consisted of a yellow short-sleeved shirt, small green striped shirt underneath, a blue jean skirt, red tights and green boots. She wears a grey shirt for sleepwear.



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