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Speaker Dialogue
Pony [Is brushing his teeth.]
Annie I'm gonna be late for school! Move over, you're hogging the mirror!
Pony I'm a star! [Bumps Annie] I get center stage.
Annie Uh uh. We're a team, we share the spotlight.
Pony This toothpaste tastes soapy.
Annie That's 'cause it's soap, Pony. The soap tastes soapy..
Pony That explains it. Bubble!
Annie It's tiny, Pony. It's only gonna make the tiniest little...
Pony Aaaaah! [Jumps into the ceiling] Good morning, Mrs. Churchwell.
Annie [Sighs] Oh no, the bus!
Annie and Pony [Try to catch the bus, but it leaves without them]
Annie Dad, we missed the bus! Can you give me a ride to school?
Mr. Bramley [Grunts] He got me! The scruffy stowaway hijacked my truck! He must have been hiding in the empty boxes I picked up at the pet store! [Kicks a box]
Annie Looks like we're walking. Come on Pony, you made me late, you have to walk with me.
Pony Hey, you know I'm no good with things that pop. Balloons, bubbles, that guy's head in that horror movie...
Beatrice Hey guys! Need a ride?
Pony [Whispering] It's Beatrice.
Annie Oh, come on, she's not so bad. Let's just be nice to her. I'm sure she won't...
Beatrice [Squeezing Pony] Squeeze! You are so adorable! I love cats and dogs and birds and chinchillas, but especially horses!
Annie Um, Beatrice, sometimes that makes him...
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