• It's Pony for da win, sesame street for da lose!

    Here's what I think should happen in season two of it's Pony! Pony finds a love interest, her name is Marie. 

    Heston and Annie's relationship grows, and Annie starts to think Heston likes her back. But then, Gerry gets jealous, and it's a love triangle! Then Clara gets mad because she loves Gerry! Will Annie make it out of this love rivalry? Will Pony make a good immpresion on Marie? Find out in, it's Pony season 2! So, what do ya'll think of my idea?

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  • Jedfarcry223


    August 19, 2020 by Jedfarcry223

    I'm really disappointed that the channel that shows It's Pony in Canada on YTV has just seemed to stop showing it altogether which is a let down 

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  • KatieK5049

    Hello everyone! I'm Katie! And I'll be the offical/unoffical shipper of IP! Btw, I'm a HUGE fan of da show! And I looooove Billie Eilish! Here are all of the ships that I ship in it's Pony so far. Heston x Annie(Annston), Gerry x Clara(Clerry), Carl x Leanne(Calanne), Brian x Beatrice(Briatrice), and I think I'm starting to ship Henerieta with the skater boy Vance(Henerance). Anyways, I hope these ships one day become canon. And let me know what you think of shipping da characters. Bye!

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  • Thedude109


    July 6, 2020 by Thedude109

    I love It's Pony and my favorite episode is Game Horse.

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  • NeptuneID13

    Episodes are coming back in June 

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  • Spongy1619

    1a "Plants!" Meh

    1b "Heston's Coat" OK

    2a "Nosy Pony" OK

    2b "Beatrice" Meh 

    3a "Game Horse" Good 

    3b "Unicorn" Meh

    4a "Horace" Good

    4b "The Boot" Meh

    5a "Distractions" OK

    5b "The Giving Chair" OK

    6a "Haircut" Good

    6b "Gerry's Birthday" OK

    7a "Pet Pony" Good

    7b "Dog Day" OK

    8a "Useful" Good

    8b "Stompy!" OK

    9a "Delivery Pony" Good

    9b "Magic Annie" OK

    10a "Bad Chicken" TBA

    10b "Gerry's Tour" TBA

    11a "10 Minute Ticket" TBA

    11b "Clara Time" TBA

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  • Hahsjsjks

    It’s pony 1980s au

    February 22, 2020 by Hahsjsjks

    If it's pony takes place in 1980s it premiered on same day as duck tales premiere after ducktales 1 episode it ended in 1992 it released 1990s au 2 years later it had different clothes and hair bows for Clara different actors who had been in 1980s 

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  • Hajsjjddjjdjdjdjjd

    When Annie was a baby she was at the farmer market where Annie lives her only word is pony her 1st was at 2 in a half months a youngest 1st word ever

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  • Hdhdhjdfkfjfjfjfjf

    If it's pony takes place in 1990s it premieres on same day as rockos modern life it ends in 2004 it hads 10 seasons the longest show is the 2nd place behind rugrtas  they had different outfits in 2001 nick said it will be canceled sometime in 2004 and that it

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  • DubbingDubs


    January 8, 2020 by DubbingDubs

    award me

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  • ClockworkStation

    We now have an official Discord server join here at...

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  • RedBallFire

    The wiki has Twitter!!!

    December 31, 2019 by RedBallFire

    I opened the twitter for the wiki, here is the link to follow us:

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  • DyaboytheSBSPfanboy

    The Show

    December 30, 2019 by DyaboytheSBSPfanboy

    Might Be Awesome

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  • RedBallFire

    Hey, it's already 4 days into the new year, how did the year end so quickly, are you as excited as I am?

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