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Clara Bornstein

Clara Bornstein[1] is a secondary character of It's Pony. She is a friend of Annie and Pony.


Clara is very knowledgeable about the world (as she knows about immersion therapy), and enjoys living a 'minimalist-chic' life. She seems to be rich as she owns a motor-home that can be used for going camping. She's a supportive friend to Annie and Pony.


She appears to have a secret crush on Gerry because in the episode Game Horse she says to him "Gerry, I've always loved you", which made him confused. And in School Dance, she comments that he looks great in his formal suit, though she quickly covers her mouth, presumably having not intended to say that out loud.




  1. her mother is addressed as Mrs. Bornstein at the start of Dad's Speech when she tells Clara's class about how she contributes to video game development

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