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The list below provides the sequential order of the episodes of It's Pony.

Series Overview

Season Episodes Season premiere Season finale
1 20 December 26, 2019 (online) ("Plants!")
January 18, 2020 (TV) ("Nosy Pony")
2 20 2021 TBA

Season 1 (2020-)

On 2018, It's Pony was announced by Nickelodeon. The series first premiered on December 26, 2019 on Nickelodeon's YouTube channel following the televised airing on January 18, 2020.

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Titlecard Title Airdate Prod. code
1 1a Plants!.png "Plants!" January 25, 2020 101a
Annie & Pony's camping trip is in jeopardy after Pony develops a fear for plants.
2 1b Heston's Coat.png "Heston's Coat" February 1, 2020 101b
Heston loans Annie his new coat on a cold day, but Annie knows it's only a matter of time before Pony ruins it.
3 2a Nosy Pony.png "Nosy Pony" January 18, 2020 102a
When Annie tries to stop Pony from being nosy, she creates a bigger problem that puts him in danger.
4 2b Beatrice.png "Beatrice" January 18, 2020 102b
When Annie takes pity on a lonely friend and lets her spend the day with Pony, she worries her friend is better at taking care of Pony than she is.
5 3a Game Horse.png "Game Horse" February 1, 2020 103a
Annie and Pony use their video game skills to save their friends.
6 3b Unicorn.png "Unicorn" January 25, 2020 103b
When Pony thinks he has turned into a unicorn, Annie uses him to raise money to save their sports court from closing.
7 4a Horace.png "Horace" February 8, 2020 104a
Annie can avoid detention if she can heal the principal's dying plant, but the plan goes awry when Pony becomes attached to it.
8 4b The Boot.png "The Boot" February 8, 2020 104b
Pony's half-baked plan causes Annie to lose one of her boots, which she desperately needs for a family photo!
9 5a Distractions.png "Distractions" February 15, 2020 105a
Pony's constant distractions threaten to derail Annie's part of a science project Gerry is counting on her to do.
10 5b Thegivingchair.png "The Giving Chair" February 15, 2020 105b
A trip to the bookstore finds the comfiest chair in the world, which may have mystical powers.
11 6a Haircut.png "Haircut" February 22, 2020 106a
When Annie needs a haircut, Pony proves that even a simple task can become a wild adventure.
12 6b Gerry's Birthday.png "Gerry's Birthday" February 22, 2020 106b
When Annie and Pony try to give Gerry the best birthday ever, their enthusiasm threatens to make it the worst.
13 7a Pet Pony.png "Pet Pony" February 29, 2020 107a
When pets are banned from the building, Annie and Pony have to convince the landlord to reconsider.
14 7b Dog Day.png "Dog Day" February 29, 2020 107b
When the dog from next door, Pony's sworn enemy, comes to stay with them, Annie needs to find a way to make them get along.
15 8a Useful.png "Useful" March 7, 2020 108a
Annie's concerned that Dad will see Pony as useless to the farm and get rid of him.
16 8b Stompy.png "Stompy!" March 7, 2020 108b
Annie is ready to play in the soccer game, but when she gets between Pony and Dog in a fight, Pony accidentally steps on her foot.
17 9a Delivery Pony.png "Delivery Pony" March 14, 2020 109a
Annie and Pony's new fruit and vegetable delivery service is threatened by a big corporation.
18 9b Magic Annie.png "Magic Annie" March 14, 2020 109b
Annie needs to find the perfect Mother's Day gift. Pony is convinced that Annie's magic trick is just the thing.
19 10a Bad Chicken.png "Bad Chicken" June 1, 2020 110a
Annie and Pony's plan to teach a scrawny chicken confidence backfires when it terrorizes the city.
20 10b Gerry's Tour.png "Gerry's Tour" June 2, 2020 110b
Annie and Pony try to help Gerry pass the test to become a museum tour guide.
21 11a 10 Minute Ticket.png "10 Minute Ticket" June 3, 2020 111a
In an effort to avoid paying for parking, the whole family must try and keep a visit to the mall to less than 10 minutes.
22 11b Clara Time.png "Clara Time" June 4, 2020 111b
Annie worries that their friend Clara is avoiding her and Pony.
23 12a 12a-Scarecrow.png "Scarecrow" October 23, 2020 112a
It's Halloween and Annie and Pony have to save the family's pumpkin crop from hungry crows.
24 12b 12b-Poneapples.png "Poneapples" October 23, 2020 112b
When apples that Pony has licked become a best seller, Annie is torn about coming clean.
25 13a 13a-Loud Horse.png "Loud Horse" August 24, 2020 113a
When a noisy neighbor drives Annie to the brink, she and Pony have to find a way to quiet her down.
26 13b 13b-Sick Annie.png "Sick Annie" August 25, 2020 113b
When Annie gets sick and can't ride the new rollercoaster, Pony tries everything to make her better.
27 14a 14a-School Dance-0.png "School Dance" August 26, 2020 114a
Everyone is dreading the Valentine's school dance, so Annie and Pony try to get it canceled.
28 14b 14b-Dad's Speech.png "Dad's Speech" August 27, 2020 114b
Annie tries to help Dad work through his stage fright by encouraging him to be more like Pony.
29 15a 15a-Annie-versary.png "Annie-versary" November 14, 2020 115a
When Pony celebrates a special day, Annie needs to figure out what's so special about it.
30 15b 15b-Teacher's Pet.png "Teacher's Pet" November 14, 2020 115b
Pony finally gets to go to school with Annie when he's named class pet.
31 16 16-Bramley Holiday.png "Bramley Holiday" December 5, 2020 116
The Bramleys need to find a way to celebrate their traditions and be together for the holidays.
32 17a 17a-Trash Dash.png "Trash Dash" November 21, 2020 117a
When Pony is accused of eating the park keeper's precious daisies, Annie needs to prove his innocence.
33 17b 17b-Save the Took Took.png "Save the Took Took" November 21, 2020 117b
Everyone is raising money for charity, but Annie wants to find a cause that really needs her and Pony's help.
34 18a 18a The Wallet.png "The Wallet" TBA 118a
When Annie finds a lost wallet, she's determined to return it to its owner and prove she's a good person.
35 18b 18b Locked Out.png "Locked Out" TBA 118b
Annie and Pony get locked out of their building, and they can't seem to convince their neighbors to let them back in.
36 19a 19a Always Yes Annie.png "Always Yes Annie" TBA 119a
Pony bets Annie that she can't go a whole day without saying no.
37 19b 19b Sleepover.png "Sleepover" TBA 119b
Annie is determined to go to her first sleepover, but Pony’s homesickness threatens to change that.
38 20a 20a Fan Pony.png "Fan Pony" November 7, 2020 120a
Annie and Pony win a contest to meet a popstar dreamboat. Only problem is he’s not a fan of ponies.
39 20b 20b Cop Mom.png "Cop Mom" November 7, 2020 120b
When Mom joins the neighborhood watch, Annie and Pony think she’s a real-life action hero and need everyone to know.

Season 2 (2021-)

in series
in season
Titlecard Title Airdate Prod. code
40 1a 21a Flight of the Chickens.png "Flight of the Chickens" TBA 201a
Annie wants to stay home alone, but when the chickens escape, she and Pony must get them back
41 1b 21b Henrietta the Psychic.png "Henrietta the Psychic" TBA 201b
After Henrietta predicts that Pony will mess up Annie's attempt to win a contest, Pony believes she's a psychic.
42 2a TBA.png "Pighog Day" TBA 202a
When Annie is chosen to take part in Pighog Day, she’s determined to do a good job despite everything going wrong.[1]
42 2b TBA.png "Second Best Friend" TBA 202b
Annie's struggle to believe that Pony's second-best friend is a fly puts her own second-best friend, Gerry, in jeopardy.[2]