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Nosy Pony

"Nosy Pony" is the first segment of the second episode of the first season of It's Pony, and the third episode overall.[1] It is also the broadcast premiere episode of the series.


When Annie tries to stop Pony from being nosy, she creates a bigger problem that puts him in danger.


Annie and Pony come out of the hallway and going to the farmers' market. Annie explains that her parents are getting the day off while she and Pony are in charge of running the stand. Pony peeks into someone's house, but Annie holds him back. In the elevator, he peeks into a lady's bag and into a mailbox outside. Annie asks him about being nosy, but Pony denies saying that he's interested in people and study their social behavior. He noticed a robber being arrested by the police and tries to listen, but Annie holds him back. After arriving at the Farmers' Market, Annie tells Pony to stop being curious about everybody as Pony responds he's very friendly and that’s who he is while it’s never a problem. Annie's mom tells her it’s going to be a problem with Pony bothering the customers. Pony looks at a lady’s phone message about a bad info from someone named Carol. Mrs. Bramley tells Annie not to let her Dad know about Pony being nosy as Annie assures her he won’t do that and wonders where Dad is. Mr. Bramley comes out after having a session of super relaxing candle therapy and is calm enough to leave the stand with Annie and Pony. He notices Pony being with a skateboarder as Annie lies saying that he’s not a stranger, but a friend, who’s name is Vance as she tells her parents he’s taking her and Pony to a skate park.



  • Despite this being the first episode to air, "Plants!", the first episode in production order, was released online a few weeks before this episode aired.



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