The Pilot of It's Pony is an unreleased short pilot entitled Pony. It was animated at Birdbox Animation.

It was never released to the public and only a few screenshots are available.

Characters Present

Original Description

Pony follows the life of Annie as she does her best to cope in her parent’s farm (located on the balcony of their apartment) to the everyday struggles of being a 9-year old in the city. Luckily she has a pony. He may not be the best pony but he’s hers and she loves him. Pony adores her but his optimism and enthusiasm often land the pair in unexpected and unwanted situations.


  • The art style is different from the final.
  • Annie has a different outfit (being a jean dress and a yellow long-sleeved undershirt)
  • Pony's hair is more soft and curly than the final.
  • Annie is smaller compared to Pony.
  • The show was titled Pony rather than It's Pony.
  • The backgrounds are completely different.

Kept Concepts

  • Like in the final, Anne has huge green boots.
  • The poster for It's Pony is based on an early scene in the pilot.[1] [2]


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