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Pony is the titular deuteragonist of It's Pony. Pony is Annie Bramley's pet horse.


Pony is fun-loving and enjoys hanging out with Annie and creating mischief along the way. This has caused him and Annie to be banned from various locations. He developed a fear of plants in "Plants!".

Pony is easily clumsy and causes a bunch of trouble for the Bramley family. He constantly causes damage to locations as seen in "Nosy Pony" and is shown to be nosy to other pedestrians. It is shown that his "nosiness" is just him being friendly which later was positive as he got people to come to the family's produce stand.

He also shows to have an amazing passion for exploring new things and is very good at blending in with human culture as seen in "Game Horse" as he is seen playing video games to help his friends.

Pony is also interested in human activity as he states that he studies people's behavior. He also likes things to be sorted in the correct order as seen "Nosy Pony" when he and Annie are at the skate park, where he asked to swap helmets with Annie as it matched his board better.

Physical Apperance

Pony is a medium-light brown horse of tall height, tall enough that he's twice the height of Annie. He has a faint brown mane, big brown hooves, his nose adds up to 3 different shades of brown. He also has a short tail that is the same color of his mane.


  • The present picture of Pony was used in a slightly modified version in the Nickelodeon's Unfiltered Episode "Wrestling Slimy Snails!" which aired on August 21, 2021 on Nickelodeon USA.



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