The second season of It's Pony will air in early 2021 on Nickelodeon.[1]

It will consist of a total of 20 22-minute episodes.


in series
in season
Titlecard Title Airdate Prod. code
40 1a 21a Flight of the Chickens.png "Flight of the Chickens" TBA 201a
Annie wants to stay home alone, but when the chickens escape, she and Pony must get them back
41 1b 21b Henrietta the Psychic.png "Henrietta the Psychic" TBA 201b
After Henrietta predicts that Pony will mess up Annie's attempt to win a contest, Pony believes she's a psychic.
42 2a TBA.png "Pighog Day" TBA 202a
When Annie is chosen to take part in Pighog Day, she’s determined to do a good job despite everything going wrong.[2]
43 2b TBA.png "Second Best Friend" TBA 202b
Annie's struggle to believe that Pony's second-best friend is a fly puts her own second-best friend, Gerry, in jeopardy.[3]
44 3a TBA.png "Annie VS. Pony" TBA 203a
Annie enters Pony in a best pet competition, but Pony's got other ideas and enters a pet of his own.[4]
45 3b TBA.png "Get Sapphire" TBA 203b
Annie and Pony are desperate to read the latest installment of a fantasy trilogy.




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