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Shorts of It's Pony air since May 28, 2021 on Nickelodeon.[1]


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Titlecard Title Airdate Prod. code
1 1 Short 1-Coffee Run.png "Coffee Run" May 28, 2021 TBA
Annie and Pony pay a visit to a coffee bar. What could go wrong?
2 2 Short 2-Paper Chase.png "Paper Chase" May 28, 2021 TBA
When Annie forgets her homework, Pony will stop at nothing to get it to her.
3 3 It's Pony (Short 3) Hold My Spot Titlecard.png "Hold My Spot" June 4, 2021 TBA
Holding a place in line turns out to be harder than it looks for Pony.
4 4 It's Pony (Short 4) Screen Time Titlecard.png "Screen Time" June 4, 2021 TBA
An important video chat between Annie and her friends is haunted by the question: Where’s Pony?
5 5 It's Pony (Short 5) Vending Machine.jpg "Vending Machine" TBA TBA
Pony gets really "into" picking out his favorite snacks from the vending machine when he and Annie get invited to Heston's party.
6 6 It's Pony (Short 6) Inside Pony.png "Inside Pony" TBA TBA
Annie and the Vet get a surprising look into Pony's bottomless pit of a stomach.